Frequently asked questions

Couple Support questions:

Any couple in a long term committed relationship, either dating, engaged, married or living together. For couples of any faith or no faith.

We recommend you book a free 20-minute consultation with Fiona. During this session, Fiona will assess your requirements and advise you of the best way forward. If she thinks a different resource would be more beneficial, she will signpost you. This is also a great way of getting to know one of us to see if you think you could work with us.

You will complete a questionnaire for the report online in the comfort of your own home and then meet with us both online via zoom.

If specifically required, we can occasionally offer to meet in person in our home. We are located on the south coast near Fareham.

Filling out the report will take around 30 minutes. You will then meet with us over six to eight sessions each lasting an hour. These sessions can be weekly or fortnightly depending on your preference and everyone’s availability.

After you have completed the initial six sessions it takes to go through the report, further follow-on sessions can be booked as required.

We use the report to stimulate conversations between you and your partner. We are qualified practitioners for SYMBIS, Prepare-Enrich & Time for Marriage and have over 15 years experience in supporting couples. Generally, when meeting with a relationship therapist, you meet with one person. We believe that participating in sessions with us both, as a couple, can provide an enhanced dynamic, as you get two complementary perspectives on your relationship & the subjects that are being discussed. We are not trained therapists, so should we feel you need further help then we will signpost you to additional resources.

£105 for the initial session (including the report fee) and then £75 for each further session.

Please do contact us and let us know. We may be able to offer a concession and would hate you to miss out on this valuable opportunity to improve your relationship.

We work with many couples who are going through extreme difficulties in their relationship. We have experience of working with couples who are separated. We will do what we can to help you. Sometimes deeper work is required and in these cases, we can signpost on to the relevant qualified therapist.

Any couples work involves hard work from each person in the relationship. There are no magic quick fixes. Our experience is that if each person is open and willing to work at the relationship, the results are really rewarding.

You are welcome to stop the process at any time. Although we would recommend that you complete the initial six sessions, there is no obligation to continue.

Individual Coaching questions:

Coaching is for anyone who wants some help in moving forward in their lives. I work with any age or gender.

I recommend you book a free 20-minute consultation. During this session, we can talk about the season of life you’re in, what you hope to get out of the coaching and see if we are a good fit. I firmly believe that connection is key!

Generally, we will meet online via Zoom. If specifically required, I can occasionally offer to meet in person in my home; I am located on the south coast near Fareham.

I charge £50 per 1 hour session.

Coaching can take as little or long as you like. We will set goals and can set deadlines if that works for you. We can also check in regularly together on timescales.