"When we first started to work with Andy and Fiona we were really struggling to communicate or be nice to each other. Andy and Fiona enabled us to start to think differently and understand each other better and reach a point where we felt like we were on the same team again. We both have strong personalities, so it was great that they were able to manage us in a way we needed and were not afraid to challenge some of our behaviour patterns when they saw them arise. This was refreshing and really helped. They made us feel at ease. We really enjoyed working through the feedback from the questionnaire and were encouraged on some of the points. We are definitely more mindful of the impact of our words and actions and understand how we can affect the other one in a positive or negative way. They had a sense of humour and shared some of their experiences in a real and honest way which was comforting to know we were not alone. A huge thank you to them both. We are still a work in progress but have come a very long way from where we started."
Previous Client
"We were so grateful for our sessions with Fiona and Andy! They were approachable and kind, and really helped us explore our relationship. The PDF that we received was really helpful in learning more about ourselves and each other. Fiona and Andy were also really accommodating with regard to availability and had excellent communication between sessions. It felt like a really safe space. We found the sessions really encouraging and helpful!"
Previous Client
"I cannot thank Fiona and Andy enough for their patience love and support in helping me get back on the right path with my marriage. "
Previous Client
“Fiona & Andy are excellent facilitators in providing marriage support. Using an individualised tool as a starting point, they create a safe space to explore many areas of marriage, as well as points of challenge and conflict. They aid deep communication, are skilled in asking key questions to get to the heart of things, are comfortable with emotion and able to support and encourage as issues are worked through, all at the couples pace. They bring a wealth of experience and at times share helpful examples to normalise and bring hope to any situation. Empathetic, insightful, experienced, refreshingly honest and humorous, they are a great team to champion anyone in their marriage journey. Would highly recommend.”
Previous Marriage Support Clients
“Andy and Fiona are a living example of a great marriage – packed with energy, fun and a deep commitment to each other and their family. They also have a well thought out framework and understanding of what makes a marriage, and indeed any couple relationship, really work. They are unafraid to confront the tough issues that can ensnare any couple, and bring a refreshing clarity and hope with the advice they offer. Armed with the latest tools in the SYMBIS programme, they should be the ‘go-to’ couple for advice and help in good times or bad.”
Dave & Liz Percival
Directors of 2-in-2-1 & Marriage Encounter
“Andy and Fiona are wise and compassionate people who know from their own experience the joys of marriage but also its challenges and are realistic about both. More importantly, they are gifted in helping other couples navigate those waters themselves. We have been friends for many years, and they have journeyed with us through our own marriage. We are grateful to them and for them and commend them unreservedly.”
Stephen & Jacquie Hance
The Revd. Dr. Stephen Hance (Head of Church and Networks Support, Church of England)
Jacqui Hance (Evangelism and Witness Coordinator, Lambeth Palace)
“Having known Andy and Fiona for many years we have watched them grow their own marriage through the challenges of what it takes to build a loving and committed relationship. They have consistently spent time investing in their own relationship, enabling them to support and encourage many other couples to develop a stronger and healthier commitment to one another. With many years of experience helping others, and their own vulnerability, honesty, and positivity, they bring a unique set of skills and experience which enables then to facilitate conversations that will enhance the relationships of the people they work with. Andy and Fiona have a passionate desire to see relationships flourish, a strong belief that relationships can grow better, and an unwavering commitment to help couples discover the right tools to help them flourish and grow.”
Tim & Kerry Hancock
The Revd. Tim Hancock (Senior Minister, Newcastle Baptist Church)
"Andy and Fiona have championed the cause of enriching and supporting marriages for over two decades now. They have advised, broadcasted, taught and advocated marriage in a manner that is humorous, vulnerable and full of wisdom. Marriage is a subject they are both so passionate about and they have a genuine way about them that builds confidence in you, your spouse and your marriage."
Steve & Amber Delves
Senior Leaders, Hope Church, Aldershot
“I have known Fiona and Andy Banes for around 15 years and have had the privilege of working with them on a number of projects and national campaigns to promote the importance of caring for your relationship, including inviting their input over the four years that I coordinated and directed the annual awareness week: UK National Marriage Week. Their participation included sharing of ideas at the development stage of the campaign as well as radio interviews and the writing of articles and blogs to support the theme. Without exception, Fiona and Andy’s contributions demonstrated their depth of knowledge, understanding, expertise and their many years of successful experience in supporting couples throughout their relationship journey. Having knowledge of relationship tools and delivering them to couples is one thing, but the ability to hone in on the specific concerns and challenges that are directly affecting a couple is another skill altogether which is why Fiona and Andy are such a valuable resource to couples who are seeking to grow their relationship and for those couples who need to tackle the difficulties that are inevitably faced in all relationships. I’m certain that a big part of why they are able to support couples along their journey is because of their warmth and kindness as a couple alongside their passion for their work and the professionalism which is maintained throughout all their interactions. I recommend Fiona and Andy without hesitation and encourage anyone considering help in their relationship to get in contact with them.”
Michaela Hyde
Executive Director, Marriage Foundation and previous UK Marriage Week Coordinator
“I have known Andy and Fiona Banes for over ten years and have been consistently impressed by their compassion, wisdom and professionalism regarding their ministry to marriage. I have referred a number of couples to Andy and Fiona both through my role as a local parish priest and in my wider responsibility in the Portsmouth diocese. Those who have worked with Andy and Fiona attested to their care and kindness, but also to the way that their approach and programme of sessions has benefitted their marriages and family life.”
Revd Canon Peter Hall
Diocesan Director of Vocations and Ordinands, Diocese of Portsmouth
“Andy and Fiona have a wealth of experience working with couples over many years both in teaching and one to one. They are down to earth, make everyone feel relaxed and provide a safe place to share your heart. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking help in their relationship.”
Richard & Maria Kane
Marriage Week International
“I've had the privilege of journeying with Fiona and Andy for many years, and have got to see first-hand their own story of marriage culture change, and the hope they have then lived into in their marriage. Their sensitive leadership skills and passion for marriage shine though in everything they do. They notably both conscientiously care about people, and have an extensive tool-kit of marriage resources & insights developed over many years. Humour, a sense of fun & a light touch are central to who they are, whilst not being afraid to ‘go there’ in the real & deep issues of life. Whether you are wanting to lay good foundations for the long haul; have major areas of concern, or the sense of need for ‘specialists’, go for a marriage MOT, or just want your marriage to go from ‘good to great’—Fiona & Andy have the experience & expertise that I see bring great results. I recommend them personally to those I know who are wanting to put time & effort into their relationship, and I whole-heartedly do the same for you now. We often don't prioritise enough the most important things in life, & if you are ready to give energy to your key relationship, then you couldn't look in a better direction.”
Mal Calladine
Leadership Coach & Pastor
“Having had first-hand experience and benefited from their expertise I can’t think of a better placed couple to work with when it comes to relationships.
 Andy and Fiona are personable and caring, their non-judgemental approach coupled with the vast amount of personal and professional experience enables them to facilitate healthy progress in an easy yet challenging way.”
Jim Privett
Pastor/Team Leader, Waypoint Church, Locks Heath
"When our lives collided into friendship with this incredible couple, we had little idea what joy, laughter, tears, stories, unravellings and re-imaginings we would share over the years.
We have watched them facilitate many marriage enrichment courses (as we have hosted them in our home, seeing up-close-and personally that they are absolutely made for this.) They carry a rich seam of compassionate insight and wisdom, largely shaped by the honesty and vulnerability they display from their own journey. They are courageous in confronting the “crunchy sides” of relationships, as well as utterly delightful in their determination to invite us to bring the best out of each other, no mater what. 
Andy and Fi have a deep and beautiful love for God and for people. They are full of grace. 
They are full of mischief. 
Harmony Consulting will bring you richness and inspiration, wherever you currently are on the wild adventure of marriage!"
Marie-Anne & Phil Joiner
Breathe Ministries & Former Church Leaders